About us

About KUBACO: Boarding with Purpose

KUBACO is born from a passion for board sports, transcending beyond the physical. We champion progression, mindfulness, and a shared knowledge ethos. Our products, crafted from recyclable materials, fund skateboards for kids in need.


Empowering Through Skateboarding: We empower the next generation through innovative products and positive role modeling.

Progression, Awareness, Impact: Driven by a commitment to progression, awareness, and a positive global impact.

Join the Movement:

Choose KUBACO for sustainability, inclusivity, and a positive skateboarding impact.



Founder Kuba Sitak

KUBACO brand grew from passion to board sports and a desire to help kids become the best riders and humans possible. By applying the skate smart mindset we spread positivity and awareness about an individual way of being. We are excited to announce that every purchase made on this website contributes to building skateboards for kids who can’t afford them. Thank you for your time. Founder Kuba Sitak