Kay grew up in Arizona, but she moved to California with a big dream of becoming a skateboarder entrepreneur who can do much more than just skate. She’s very talented and she loves making Tik-Toks, make sure to check her out!


Meet Kaydin, aka Kickflip Kaydin, aka mini ripper. He’s known for his powerful skating and for not being afraid to drop in on big vert walls. He’s a character, but he has a big heart, and he loves to skate all day long! Follow this boy!



MJ is one of the most creative and vibrant skater girls you’ll ever meet. She’s a beautiful soul who loves to dance and write and much more. She’s also not afraid to skate 20miles barefooted around Venice. MJ is a true skater and she’s a true expression of self through anything she does!


CJ comes from Chicago and he’s a badass BMX rider. Right, you’re probably wondering what is he doing here? Well, he’s a coach at WoodWard Tahoe and he shreds on a skateboard too. Plus, he’s very talented in all extreme sports, we’re very happy to have him “on board” , and give CJ a High 5 when you see him! He’s awesome!

KUBACO brand grew from passion to board sports and a desire to help kids become the best riders and humans possible. By applying the skate smart mindset we spread positivity and awareness about an individual way of being. We are excited to announce that every purchase made on this website contributes to building skateboards for kids who can’t afford them. Thank you for your time. Founder Kuba Sitak